Work in Progress

Uncertainty, Climate Change policy, and IAMs: A re-examination using ADDICE 2013 (with Kelly De Bruin and Anders Vesterberg)

Papers under Review

New! Parking, Transit and Welfare: Evidence from SFpark (with Nicole Ngo)
[CERE Working Paper, June 2018]

Managing Water: Rights, Markets, and Welfare (with Andrew Zaeske
[CERE Working Paper, April 2017]

An Ecologiocal Golden Rule (with Ram Fishman)

Working papers

Distributional impacts of Energy Policies: An Analysis of the 2011 EPIC data

Determinants of Residential end-use electricity demand: Evidence from Sweden (with Mattias Vesterberg)

The Distributional Impacts of Climate Change on Indian Agriculture: A Quantile Regression Approach

Greening Household Behavior and Energy (with Bengt Kriström) 

Recently Published Papers

New! Real-time pricing revisited: Demand flexibility in the presence of micro-generation (with Mattias Vesterberg, Rauli Svento, Herman Böök, Anders Lindfors). Accepted, Energy Policy.

Optimal Management of Groundwater under Uncertainty: A Unified Approach. Environmental and Resource Economics, 2016, 173-204 (gated link)
[CERE working paper, 2014 June]

Residential End use electricity demand: Implications for real time pricing in Sweden (with Mattias Vesterberg). Energy Journal, 2016, 37 (4), 141-164. 

Residential Electricity Demand: A cross-country analysis for 11 OECD-countries  (with Bengt Kriström). 2015. Resources and Energy Economics39, 68-88.

Determinants of the price-premium for Green Energy: Evidence from an OECD cross-section (with Bengt Kriström). Environmental and Resource Economics, 1-32.

How large is the Owner-Renter Divide? Evidence from an OECD cross-section (with Bengt Kriström). Energy Journal, 36(4), 63-82.